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Minimizing Risk in Real Estate Transactions

One of the most important and costly investment most people make in their lives, is the purchase of a home. You therefore need to ensure that your rights are adequately protected from the very beginning of a real estate transaction.

It is always advisable to have a real estate lawyer review your contract before you sign. By doing this, you ensure clarity as to the terms and conditions of your purchase, as well as ensure that you are getting a deal that is fair and in line with your rights. Many people have found themselves out of pocket, due to contracts signed by themselves that did not adequately protect them for circumstances beyond their control.

For our clients who are buyers in a real estate transaction, we can explain the terms of the purchase agreement, review the real estate documents pertaining to your title and mortgage, register legal documents and address any questions you may have on your transaction.

For our clients who are sellers, we ensure that your purchase and sale agreement protects your interests, and we provide representation to you during negotiations with the buyer and advise you on the closing.

Overmeyer Law is committed to helping you with the review of the various aspects of the real estate agreement to ensure that your rights are adequately protected, and to minimise risk to you.

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