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Wills & Estates Lawyer - Hamilton, Ancaster, Grimsby & Surrounding Areas

Death is a topic most people don’t want to think about, however, by ensuring that you have a will that expresses your current wishes, you can be saving your loved ones from having to incur difficulty and cost to deal with legal or court issues surrounding your estate, when you are no longer there.


Modern family structures come in all shapes and sizes, and we need to consider our family structure when preparing our Will.   This may require a look at our legal obligations to our spouse, ex-spouse, common law spouse, children from previous marriages or relationships, and other persons you may want to benefit from your estate.


Overmeyer Law can advise you on estate planning issues, identifying your obligations to your family members and assist in drafting your will at cost effective prices. 


Problems can arise in estates not only under circumstances where there is no will, but also under circumstances where such will is being challenged for validity.  The challenge of a will can happen under various circumstances, and one of the circumstances are when people decline in mental capacity and become vulnerable to the influence of others. It is therefore critical to make a will when you are able to make sound judgements for yourself, your beneficiaries and your assets.


Overmeyer Law can help you in advising you on the best way to structure your estate, as well as to prepare powers of attorney.  We can also advise you on the implications of joint tenancies, gifts made during lifetimes and loss of capacity issues.


In addition to consulting at our offices, we office mobile legal services for Wills and Estates matters in the Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington and surrounding areas.

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