Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

This category is an application that can be made by foreign workers living in Canada. To qualify under the CEC category, the applicant must have obtained at least one year of full time skilled work experience in Canada within the last three years.  Language skills are important in this category, and applicants must show English or French language abilities that are commensurate with their work experience skill. CEC applicants must apply under the Express Entry system and wait to be invited to apply.

Requirements for CEC category

 To qualify as a full time employment, the applicant must work in that position of employment for at least 30 hours per week. Part time employment that equates to the full time requirement will also be considered. All applicants are required to provided satisfactory evidence of their work experience in Canada, including the fact that they were in an employer-employee relationship during their period of qualifying work experience.

The work experience must be skilled ie. Skill type O, A and B under the National Occupational Classification (NOC). The required work experience cannot be through self employment even if the self employment is skilled and documented.

The work experience must have been obtained while the applicant had legal temporary residence status as a worker. Applicants who have left Canada but still meet the requirements under this category are eligible to make an application under this category.

Language is another requirement for this class. The applicant must be able to speak English or French at a moderate or high proficiency level, depending on the skill level of the Canadian Work Experience. The applicant will have to undergo language testing.


Applications are measured on a pass/fail basis. There is no point system for this category, and no discretion on the part of the immigration officer.

CEC applicants must have to apply via the Express Entry system and wait to be invited to apply.

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